Focused on finding cures for rare neurological diseases by developing innovative platforms to educate, guide, and remove barriers for all members of the rare disease community.

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Through personal and professional experience in the rare disease community, TOPCAT BIO understands the diagnostic odyssey that the rare disease patient population encounters. TOPCAT BIO also understands the emotional, physical, and fiscal challenges patients and their families face daily, caught in a world of limited access to care and treatment options. As a result, the company has developed several innovative platforms to address this dilemma.

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Why do we care so much about patients? Well, because we are patients ourselves.

TOPCAT BIO has developed and has recently launched its proprietary TOPCAT BIO Patient Journey Maps™ platform for the rare neurologic disease patient community. KrabbeConnect is a non-profit organization serving as a pioneer and leader in patient advocacy for those with Krabbe disease. KrabbeConnect chose TOPCAT BIO’s Patient Journey Maps™ as a way to serve its patient community through education. Patient Journey Maps™ provide guidance on how to quickly navigate the US healthcare system as well as direction to resources and support.

Finding Patients for Clinical Trials – TOPCAT BIO’s proprietary Disease Divining™ tool is a unique algorithm and software product. The tool helps manufacturers and patient organizations find patients with rare diseases on a global scale.

Removing barriers to care for patients, TOPCAT BIO has developed several market access strategies for emerging biotech companies and patient organizations. These strategies have successfully resulted in accelerated product reimbursement and an increase in insurance company approval for patient treatment.

Laptop Featuring the KrabbeConnect Patient Journey Map

Introducing Patient Journey Maps

Educating the patient community on how to quickly navigate the US healthcare system and where to turn for resources and support.

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“TopCat Bio was a pleasure to work with. This company is well-informed about the rare disease space, allowing swift facilitation of design elements to take shape quickly. The two resources TopCat Bio created for our Krabbe disease community were meticulously designed and executed. We are thrilled to be one of TopCat Bio’s clients and we look forward to recommending their services to other organizations working to inform important information in a unique and impactful way.”
— Stacy Pike-Langenfeld and Anne Rugari, Co-Founders, KrabbeConnect

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